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Become An E-Member

Who is an e-Member?

An e-Member is one who is very much connected to the church virtually yet is consistent in participation and actively involved with the church community. As an e-Member, you get the whole TCA Experience from wherever you may be around the world – connected to a virtual faith family for care and community, connected to the training tree for transformation and capacity development as well as serving as a member of the iForce (the virtual workforce) to develop leadership skills that will elevate you in life and ministry.

Benefits of being an e-Member
  1. You get the full TCA Experience anywhere around the globe

2. You become a part of a Global Virtual Community

3. You get instant access to all of the updates from the church

4. You can be equipped for life and ministry by taking several of our training courses available online

How to become an e-Member

Becoming an e-Member is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is sign up using the registration form below, then a member of the e-Church welcome team will contact you and walk you through the onboarding process after which you will be connected to a virtual faith family where you can begin your journey to becoming who God has called you to be.

Ready to get started – Kindly fill the form below