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Join A Faith Family

The faith family is very critical to what God is doing and what He is unfolding in TCA. God is a God of strategy. There is nothing that God does without purpose and purpose implies forethought and foreknowledge. And if there is forethought and foreknowledge, God will deliver to you the plan. There is a method released from heaven for us. The plan and strategy for each church is what makes each church distinct and relevant.

The Faith Family is the core of TCA

There is a strategy that God has ordained for this church that is why at the core of the existence and plan this church is the Faith Family (Care Group or Cell Meeting). The Faith Family is the centre and the core for discipling.

We expect that each new member that connects with the training process of the church through the Faith Family will experience a complete metamorphosis that will touch different aspects of their lives and be ready for basic leadership responsibilities in the kingdom.

We also expect that everyone will continue to experience growth in the different frontiers of their lives as they continue to advance in responsibilities of the kingdom of God.

For more information about how to connect to the faith family, kindly contact us using any of the contact information below